Quick Fire Hose Coupling
Hydrant Cup (Female)
Foot Valve(Brass)
Hydrant Fire Valve Two Way with Flanges
Hydrant Fire Valve Two Way with Flanges
Hydrant Fire Valve(wall type with Threaded)


Mughal Brothers Industries was established in 1985. MUGHAL BROTHER'S INDUSTRIES is one of the leading ISO 9001:2008 Certified Gate , foot check valves and fire fitting equipment company in Pakistan.We are enjoying wonderful reputation in Pakistan. In initial stage we were started sand casting due to lack of skills and facilities but in order to frequently additions of facilities now we are producing large, small and complex and casing of brass, forging and gunmetal alloys because we have verities of skills and facilities in every shop at our works.MUGHAL BROTHER'S INDUSTRIES is the prominent name in sand casting valves manufacturing which are being used for different engineering sectors in country and abroad.Waste ranges of material alloys both imported and locally developed are being used..

To accomplish this goal,we have implemented a continuing education.We believe that the best way to ensure our success is by providing our customer's consistent quality in a timely fashion and at a fair price.Program for all over employees,providing them with the latest technological advancements in our industry. .

No compromise on quality. Always availing tomorrow’s technology today.Mughal mission is producing the best product possible through continuing improvement in quality, production, delivery and price.


Our quality beings before the first shot. In order for us to meet our customers expectations. At Mughal all production runs begin with review of setup sheets, specifications, drawings and past run documents. Our quality department plays as integral role in all operations such as malting to packing/shipment. Parts are checked at specified intervals, with finding documented as required. Depending on your desired level of inspection of critical measurements and finish quality.

Why Choose Us?
Economical rates
Large product-line
Quality assured products
Rich industry experience
Appreciable track records
Primary Competitive Advantages:
Customer based approaches
Prompt delivery of orders
Simple payment options
Talented workforce